Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Broken Man Cannot Be Broken...a new book

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     Some publications are memoirs, some are narratives, some are fiction.  It is rare that a book of poetry resonates with my soul.  To touch the deepest parts of my self, the poetry of Eric Fischer, probes the issues of very extreme caregiving, of life with a severely disabled son who lives with Ohtahara Syndrome, of introspective views of other very medically compromised children, of living a worthy life and of death, a topic we all avoid.  
      Eric Fischer, whom I consider a dear friend, lives in Israel with his son Segev.  Caring for Segev, who is a very severely disabled 16 year old, has shaped his life and his view of reality and of the potential of human existence, the sheer pure dignity of life in the world of disability.
      This book of poetry which spans nearly 20 years of writing and reflection probes darkness, doubt, living a worthy life and death.  There is an absence of the superficial and the overwhelming presence of the depths of human experience and understanding.
      For all people, for parents who care intensely for severely disabled and medically fragile children, for those who face the death of their children at any moment, for those who confront the passage of parents, for those who struggle with these battles alone...this book of poetry is a MUST read for you.  You will be able to see the world of disability from a purer perspective and understand the human spirit confronting the unimaginable.  You MUST read this book of poetry...and read it slowly, read it as a daily meditation in your life.  You will leave having learned and experienced.
     It is an honor to call Eric a friend.  It has been an honor to read his collection of poetry and meditate on each piece.  It is a honor to reread the collection.  Of course, the book lives and embodies spirit and any profits contribute to Segev's care.  Please buy a copy of the book using the above link.
      Eric also blogs at: place to visit and absorb a real story of living a worthy life.

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