Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Saturday, March 26, 2011

ABR . . . Returning Home Again

Leonid Blyum, ABR developer

“The soul of man with all the streams of pure living water seems to dwell in the fascia of his body. When you deal with the fascia, you deal and do business with the branch offices of the brain. That is as under the general corporation law, the same as working with the brain itself, so why not treat it with the same degree of respect?”  (Andrew Taylor Still, Founder of Osteopathy, 1899)

     Within the many layers of myofascia, we find the muscular and  the skeletal systems normally supported.  With anoxic brain injury ,CP, stroke, etc., there is a collapse of these layers of supportive tissue wherein the whole no longer functions with integrity and mobility is lost or compromised  Fundamentally, there develops an inherent weakness which lies underneath the spasticity and contortion of the body.  Given the fact that motor neurons do not regenerate, there are alternative pathways to mobility and function.  The ABR techniques (Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation) reach into the visceral core and strengthen this tissue layer  which in turn normalize structure and brings mobility and function.  ABR is scientifically researched and supported through the science of tensegrity study.
Rotation of scapula above collarbone, common evidence of collapse  which is treated by ABR   protocol; Adam had a similar rotation which was resolved.
      ABR is not a quick fix, but a long term therapeutic process carried out by parents as a result of regular evaluation of progress and application of new techniques.  It does work and this is scientifically documented and research continues as progress of clients is measured against the expectations of  the GMFCS scale.  We are starting year 8 of Adam's journey in the ABR process.  It has reinforced good health and strengthened respiration (vital in all cases of brain injury), radically changed his thoracic landscape, clearly improved his scoliosis (by expansion of the volume between vertebrae) and reduced his overall spasticity.  Adam is also among the most compromised and complex of the ABR population.  The progress in the normalization of his structure has been marked, and this is a common reflection of many ABR parents. In the past 8 years, there have been no surgeries, no medications of any kind, no orthotics, no hospitalizations, no emergency visits to the doctor.
      It does take commitment, a minimum of 3 hours of manual application per day and can be supplemented by machine applications while children sleep.  Manual applications target specific areas, machine applications are wider and supportive but do not replace the manual.  Each series of exercises are developed and prescribed by Leonid Blyum, the developer, through either a personal evaluation at the center or by video.  In the initial years, four sessions of training are required either in Montreal or satellites across North and South America.  After a number of years, the evaluations are reduced to bi-annual.
Leonid Blyum, hands on evaluation
       We are looking forward to Montreal March 30 to April 3.  Leonid will skillfully point out changes in Adam's structure, he will prescribe a new set of applications for manual and machine work, and the trainers will develop the materials required and provide training in the specifics.  Above all, we look to Leonid to be our cheerleader as he recognizes a predictable pattern of change...change is predictable.  ABR is a backdoor to mobility and function.  It is based upon pure research and science.  This blog contains many links to ABR theory, application and work of the centers around the world.  ABR makes rehabilitation and progress in the area of brain injury possible.  Parent blogs are replete with stories of significant change.
Fehim Medinic, a trainer, observes Sharon's technique on working to  normalize the pelvic floor.
        So, next week marks year 8 and it marks a re-dedication to our commitment.  After the sojourn in the big city, I'll have an update of changes, improvements, new techniques and pictures galore.  While we have tried almost every available realistic therapy, this is the only one which produces positive structural change which is permanent.  ABR eschews any orthopedic surgery, DAFO's, standers, and poisons (botox, intrathecal baclophen pumps), traditional strategies of physical therapy which are all contra-indicated.  Scoliosis, hip subluxation, contractures are non-surgically and non-invasively treated.  It works, it's tough, it's a long commitment, but it's a true expression of love of your child as he/she moves to a normalized structure.


  1. You guys are totally awesome, love you all and have a safe and fabulous trip can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Your commitment and dedication is a total inspiration to us all Love Mel xxx

  2. We've tried a lot of things as well, but nothing works like ABR does. I wish I could sugar-coat that because so many families aren't ready to make the commitment, but that's just the way it is--ABR works better than anything else.

  3. I wish that despite my more than twenty years of work in the field of physical therapy I could become more acquainted with ABR but I doubt there would be enough hours available in the day where my son could remain prone for it to be effective. Most positions are off limits for him anyway and I know for a fact his mother would not be supportive of such a therapy.

  4. Mel: Will tell ya all about it, but you guys also put in a large amount of ABR hours with Oatie, plus you have work and kids, etc.
    Katy: I could not echo your comments more strongly...ya gotta do what ya gotta do
    Eric: Most of Adam's prescriptions are supine, he was only able to lie prone in the past few years because of his severely contracted arms. I wish you could get involved also, but I think the closest center is probably Belgium. Adam's primary ABR provider is actually a shiatsu therapist, so there is some synchronicity there. If you want reading info, please tell me and I can send and provide details. Warmest regards to Segev and dad!


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