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Adam Dzialo
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes, Virgina, the Grinch Exists (in Saugus, MA)

Richard Langlois, the Grinch of Saugus

SAUGUS, Mass. -- Santa’s plans in Saugus took a downward spiral when the superintendent of schools tried to cancel a nearly 50-year tradition.
“We were being told that the Santa Claus was not to go to any of the Saugus public schools,” said Mark Gannon of the Saugus Fire Department.
Saugus firefighters donate their own money, union dues, and time to help Santa deliver coloring books to more than 500 preschoolers and kindergartners via a "red sleigh."
“As soon as Santa walks into a room, the teachers love it too ‘cause the kids are dead silent. They are just - mouths open, looking at him, they can’t believe it. They’re quiet, they do everything they’re told. Nobody wants to mess with Santa,” said Gannon.
But Superintendent Richard Langlois did, and he said he was just following rules. (Channel 7 News
Read more:  (Check the picture and see if this could in any way approximate a religious figure, no matter how wild your imagination.)

    So, this idiot of an excuse for a school leader banned fire fighters who freely donated time, costumes and coloring books from sharing acts of kindness in the lower elementary students in the the Saugus, MA schools.  Of course, he had a rationale: Santa Claus is a religious figure and there is somewhere written that church and state should be separate.  You know, the Church of Santa ...the one in every mall and department store.  .And of course, this is height of stupidity,  How someone without a smattering of logic could ever be a school superintendent evades me...but I guess there are many like him.  Same type who would probably have no qualms about relegating sped kids to basement rooms.
    Santa, is a conglomeration of many figures of myth which predate Nordic times.  Maybe they were associated with religions thousands of years ago, but so were trees, the sun, bunny rabbits and cupid.  Maybe we'll banish eggs, and bunnies and Valentine Cards (no offense to the mythical RC St Valentine).  Let's work at sanitizing the schools and the lives of kids.  Let's make believe that there are no differences among people.
    Morons like this dude, have tried to banish :  "Huck Finn," "Aesop's Fables," "The Catcher in the Rye" and " Lady Chatterly's Lover" from school this stuff  doesn't happen in school halls in front of the glaring eyes of administrators all the time.
    So in one fell swoop of the axe, the good will of fire fighters and the innocence of children is destroyed because this idiot declared  Santa to be a god actually, a religious figure),,,let's all light a candle in front of a statue of a Santa and pray to him for a miracle ...that the school committee fires his ass.

Thank god, he rescinded his decision ... after death threats were reported in paper.

Check the following blog for a local parody!  Also are bonehead's address and e-mail!



  1. How on earth do idiots like this man get a position of authority? What's wrong with society!

    I love that: the religion of Santa:)



  2. He must have a miserable life.


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