Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hope SPRINGs Eternal...

       The onset of Spring on the Cape lulls one into a state of peace and an excuse to take a spring-break from writing....just for awhile.  Some pictures from around the house will explain the feeling....
Rhodies in full bloom around the property

At the front door...

Supper time at our koi pond   

A new koi pond waterfall built by moi ,,, hence, not blogging

New life on the pond behind the house

Our pond cormorant looking for lunch

Of course, Ollie basking on the back deck  in his fur coat..

Ok, so that's why it's spring break in Falmouth, back soon!


  1. How beautiful...Wish I had the time, energy and know how to have my yard looking like that.

  2. Phil, what serene, beautiful surroundings you have to dwell in each day. I can understand if you don't get time to write. I absolutely love your fish pond. I could sit and watch those amazing fish all day. Adam must enjoy spending time in the garden. It's a little piece of paradise.

  3. I remember the "rhodies" from a summer in Woods Hole---they looked just like that! I also remember the
    phosphorescent algae in the shallows at the beach at night, so much fun to stand in the water and light up your feet! Beautiful waterfall you made. What a good, sane way to spend some time...

  4. Peace and beauty combined...well worth all the hard work!

  5. Love the photos, especially, the koi pond. You are a man of many talents! I am glad you are surrounded by beauty!


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