Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ABR ... Running the Marathon

   In two weeks, we'll be back in Montreal for our evaluation and training...our seventh year.  While ABR (Advanced Biomechanical Therapy) is neither an instant miracle nor a magic bullet, changes in Adam's structure have been steady, consistent and predictable.
     We have assistance in the actual delivery of the exercises from a therapist trained in Montreal and both parents are involved in the manual and machine assisted programs daily.  Adam receives between 4-5 hours daily of manual and about another 10 of machine (we actually have two).  Given the fact that we are both technically retired, have additional therapy assistance and  are financially quite stable, we can commit to this approach daily.  Having spent much time with HBOT, craniosacral, acupuncture, homeopathy, communication devices and a myriad of other approaches in the early years, we have concluded that ABR is producing the most measurable results in positive changes to Adam's structure.  This leads to the strengthening of the weakness which underlies his spasticity.  We also believe that our initial forays (in the first years) into traditional physical (tug and pull, standers, gait trainers, AFO'S, etc), occupational and speech therapies negatively impacted Adam's structure and intensified his rigidity.
       Adam's progress over the past seven years has been consistent and has supported his general good hospital stay in 12 years.  The work unequivocally produces desired results.  Adam's musculo-skeletal collapse was severe and resulted in multiple contractures and severe scoliosis (although we attribute the latter to a physical therapist's insistence on using a stander).   ABR halted the continued collapse and we began the long, labor intensive marathon always moving toward normalizing his structure.  Without ABR, we doubt that someone with Adam's injuries would be alive.
       We have greatly improved  Adam's quality of life...he is happy, healthy, and free from pain.  Routine and balance are important elements of our work with ABR.  Recently, the newly introduced technique of "ball-rolling", has definitely impacted Adam's level of spasticity very positively.
       We sometimes get tired, discouraged and go to "dark places"; but we never stop and we get further excited and empowered by the changes we see.  Recently, we have added cold laser therapy as an adjunct to ABR.  Our life looks different from others...especially our retired friends.  Our work energizes us and we can say "life is good."

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