Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Ceramic To Clay" by Sharon Dzialo

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        Sharon Dzialo, Adam's mom (and Phil's wife), has written and published a new book, "Ceramic To Clay".  This is a story of a mother's search for authentic healing for her son and describes the many paths which were taken to help Adam to move progressively toward recovery.  One of the most significant paths includes ABR (Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation).  The press release below provides an overview of this journey.
        The book is now available at the (author's site),, and A version on kindle will be available in the near future.
        Also, check out the information at Marcy Marchello's blog: Everyone Outdoors which not only speaks of Sharon's book, but describes great accessible outdoor programs throughout New England.


2010 – New Release Tells Heartbreaking Story of Mother’s Quest for Helping Her Son Heal
Ceramic to Clay: A Mother’s Search for Authentic Healing for Her Severely Brain Injured Son
is released by author Sharon Dzialo
Everything changed when 12-year-old Adam Dzialo nearly drowned, spending more than 20 minutes underwater. The accident transformed him from a healthy, vibrant sports player to a tube-fed, nonverbal and severely traumatized child who screamed without sound and cried without tears. Traditional options such as surgery, medication and therapy of all sorts led not to success but to disappointment. But a meeting with an experienced clairvoyant shows the author a new way to treat her son, opening the family’s minds and hearts to a deeper – and gentler – approach to Adam’s recovery.
Ceramic to Clay tells not only Adam’s story but that of his mother, Sharon, a high school teacher and counselor. She takes charge of her son’s care, and the family transforms its dining room into his bedroom. The early days of recovery prove difficult as Adam’s friends stop visiting, traumatized by his contorting body, and loneliness and depression set in for the whole family. The author realizes that physical healing is just one aspect of the trauma the family faces. As they work with the clairvoyant, getting Adam’s spirit back into his body is the first of many success stories. Sharon also describes his first laugh after the accident and a compassionate aide he works with once back at school.
As Adam’s family continues nontraditional therapies, such as the Japanese healing technique Johrei, which offers healing and spiritual awakening, they open their eyes to other possibilities. Although setbacks occur, eventually they come to realize that circumstances can set them free instead of confining them. For instance, advanced bio-mechanical rehabilitation brings the chance for Adam’s parents to train to perform the manual applications themselves, so no more travel to therapists. The author’s honest telling of her son’s story will resonate long after the last pages of this heartfelt book are read.
For further information contact: Ray Robinson at 317-228-3656, via email at,  or through the website at:

Ceramic to Clay: A Mother’s Search for Authentic Healing for Her Severely Brain Injured Son

Sharon Dzialo
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-758-9             152 pages                                                                                                              US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! on the release of your book.
    Look forward to reading it cover to cover!

  2. Happy Day Sharon,
    it is like a birthday! Enjoy the coming into a different life. Speaking your truth or should I say writing your truth is exciting. i am so happy to witness the birth. Now to read it.

  3. Congratulations Sharon! Can not wait to read YOUR book!

    The Dennesen Family

  4. Sharon,
    I just read your amazing book. Your family's love and devotion to Adam shines through on every page. As a mother, I too would stop at nothing to fight for my child, for as long as it takes. Your story offers encouragement to other families on this journey. Thank you for writing it.


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