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Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Saturday, December 25, 2010

'Tis the Season (Only a day, actually) To Just Be.......

My real-time hero, Greg House, MD
       Well, it's the holiday season; however you choose to celebrate it, whether you are a saint or a sinner.  Being the latter, I feel compelled to write on Christmas Day although I'm not sure I'll finish.  Adam is happy as a pig in the proverbial shit today.  No ABR exercises, no shower, no compulsory toileting rituals, no wheelchair time, unhealthy pureed food, movies about Santa's elves in bikinis (blond only),  movies abounding with adolescent scatological humor,  and maybe a splash or two of spiked eggnog.  A day off for his highness so that he can just "be".
       I often think that we don't give him enough time to "be" and we certainly don't give ourselves much time to "be".  Being in the moment is the mantra of the spiritually adept...not us, as we are really not given to conventional spirituality, nor are we adept (Christmas is a day of humility so I make this admission).  Moments in the day are regulated by things which need to be done, tasks that need to be accomplished and the mundane attended to...after that, there is little time to "be", just the peaceful sleep of the exhausted.  Hopefully, the karmic spin of the universe will allow me to live quietly in a Buddhist monastery in the next life time.  Just being...
       Anyway, my one day holiday wish is  for all parents and care-takers of the disabled to have one day to just "be" and to intentionally navel gaze.  It's ok, at least today, at least on a part-time basis!  Tomorrow will bring the same as yesterday...but not today.
        Additionally as a gift to all, I discovered and embedded a widget (top right side bar which will allow you to read this nonsense in pretty much any the drop down menu and pick Russian (in honor of Leonid) or traditional Chinese.  In a flash the blog is now in whatever tongue you choose.  Well, off to brush breakfast off of Adam's tongue.
        A request, since I am mono-lingual, is for bi-lingual readers to leave a comment about how this translator  reflects the reality of the language.  I never trust widgets...especially those that track followers.  The numbers never match.


  1. The zen state of being-not being is actually trying to live a description of quantum mechanics-as-philosophy: all potential visible in an instant (as a feeling) and yet no untoward movement. I'm just saying.

    WE have to reflect on the run, or as I see it, grasp little bits of sanity and hold on to it so that we can at least maintain the appearance of sanity.

    As far as the translation goes I can speak for the Dutch, German and Hebrew translations (my French is minimal as is my Italian): It is good enough to get the idea across, sounds like someone who is still learning the language but much better than I thought it would be.

    The earth keeps on spinning. All the best

  2. Dear Phil, I agree about having a day or a few to just be, Santa brought a marble run toy for Oatie, and what was lovely was to see our 7,5 &3 year old all play together, there are so few toys that a 7&3 year old would enjoy together, not including a able and less able enjoying playing together, it was so lovely as all you could hear was laughing. Everyone could just be without juggling or time constraints. Love Oaties Mum x

  3. enlightenment
    I have heard said
    is harmonizing with cognitive dissonance

    so me thinks the Dzialo's are well on your way!

  4. I love this idea of "just being". I'm sure Adam appreciated it too and watching Santa's elves in bikinis was a nice bonus :)

    As for the translator, the Hungarian is horrendous, although the French looks much much better. I suspect it has to do with the fact that the structure of Hungarian is very different from English, whereas French is a fellow Indo-European language. However, someone is reading my blog through the Hungarian translator, so it must be understandable enough.

  5. We only have the weekend and then its back to school on Monday - could do with a lot longer. Still another season of House would be very welcome too.

  6. Maddy, you are so right about another season of House! I need someone to keep reminding me that if my "DNA were off by one percentage point, I'd be a dolphin"! I need him to keep me in check with reality.


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