Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Letter from the Source...Responding to my Questions

Dear Phil,

You have posed some very difficult questions, although the answers are frightening simple.  You asked about the nature of suffering and why "good" people and "innocent" people must endure outrageously difficult situations and disabling conditions; why are "evil" people able to evade earthly sanction; why children suffer.  You have asked why the powerful god does not simply heal people, eradicate need of all sorts, allow for an inner serenity for men, women and children.  Why cannot an earthly utopia be designed and sustained?  All good questions, but asked from the mind and heart of an earthly being.

For the last six thousand years, you and your brothers and sisters on earth (and perhaps elsewhere) have attempted to devise answers to questions that plague humanity only based upon your human imagination and your facile depiction of me as a super-human or superman, an architect of the earth, an allower or disallower of events.  I am none of those things.  Your attempts to humanize me have led to your beliefs in Horus, in Mithra, in Izangi, in Kaknu, in Quetzalcoatl, in the Olympians, in Jesus, in Mohammad and in Buddha, to list a few.  These and  a legion of living-dying and rising gods are evidence of your constant and feeble attempts to maintain a system of belief and relieve you of pain and offer the hope of a promise that things will be better here or in the hereafter.  Every civilization has its living, dying and rising god with remarkably identical stories and similar holy books.   I am none of your human inventions, your hopes and your desires.  This lack of understanding is evidenced by your suffering, your restlessness and often, by your delusions.  I do not have a body, nor a brain nor a voice; I do not do things, work miracles or listen to prayers and intercessions.  I just AM.  I do not speak to you (except this one time) nor you to I.  Your are, however, a part of ME.

 I am simply the source, that energy from which all emanates and to which all energy returns.  My energy is love; it creates, it sustains and it heals.  It is a knowledge that all is pure energy at the core. In the beginning, there was energy (always was and always will be).  Sometime eons ago, energy allowed the simple hydrogen molecule to join with others and adaptation and cosmic development occurred; some refer to this as evolution.  As this process was fueled by energy, it became conscious and the human animal was differentiated from the other creatures...this evolution will continue as humans become more conscious.  Evolution results in accidents, many unfortunate. Time is a human invention, it has no meaning.  Your names for me are a human invention and have no meaning.  Meaning is an appreciation, acceptance and understanding of the source as energy and of the personal intensification of that energy.

Your suffering is long, relatively.  Your pain is intense, relatively.  Some die young, some die old...the time involved is relative in terms of eternity.  Evil is evident, yet relative in terms of duration. Your pain is prolonged because you count minutes, hours and years. Your yearning is pronounced, because you want to believe in something which is not and cannot be today.

Energy, positive and pure; wholesome and encompassing; that is who I am.  Energy always was and always will be.  You are part of that energetic field although you are temporarily in the form of and evolution of energetic fields have led you here.  Very simply, you are part of everything and will always be part of everything; you will experience every form and variation of energy, as will all humans.  Not quite the dust to dust syndrome, but energy to energy.

As you become more conscious and more highly evolved as a person and a society, you will learn to see, to call upon and to direct energy to heal.  I do not heal, nor do I allow anything or prevent anything.  I do not orchestrate suffering in the young or the old nor do I intervene in the cure of ailment.  All these things happen because energy moves.  You see, everything, everything is one huge force of energy (some call it love).  In the energetic field there are no "greater than or less than humans".  Accidents occur in the evolution of the person.   I do not direct nor correct these happenings...they occur at random, sometimes by accident, but the eventual movement is to the unity of all energy and consciousness...we really are all one, along with our environment, with good and evil.  All elements exist in each of us.

True healers have the ability to know the energy and have the knowledge to move (channel) that energy so people who are depleted can be replenished...medicine is a temporary, cosmetic fix.  The laws of attraction and intention bear some semblance to reality.  We can attract positive energy when we are in tune with it and fill depletion.  We encounter others in our openness to their energy where we are actually able to share their intensity of selflessness.  Without a need for reciprocation, our energy field expands.  Unfortunately, sometimes we can attract negative energy which seeks us out because of what we can "do" for the other...we leaved depleted of the vital force.

You are young and old, able and disabled and severely disabled; you talk well or not at all; you are totally dependent on others or totally independent. It is as it is.  Yet beneath that human identified veneer is always a totally intact and energetically present human being, capable of receiving and giving energy which enhances self and humanity.  You need openness, understanding, humility.  You need to balance the giving or receiving, either extreme produces human and energetic dysfunction.  In totality, this energetic flow and ebb is ME.  As time passes, billions of years or seconds of time, the energy evolves to its pinnacle.

To know this unity is to be happy, to accept others and to validate their sacred existence...without exception.  You need not be able or disabled to be  a fully functioning force today, you simply are.  Your energy can create (heal) and deplete.  Remember there is no higher force than the one which you are and the one which you evolve to...beyond the realm of space and time.

One forgotten gnostic gospel writer had it right, but her documents were destroyed by the people who wanted  to humanize me for their benefit.  She wrote, "Know ye not, that ye are all gods."  We all have the power of the force of the totality of energy.


  1. What a cool post, I LOVE it! I loved the focus on us being an "energy".

    You could probably tell, but I LOVE hugs. If someone (whom I like) has a nice aura, I just have to go and hug them, kind of feeling of "energy" for me.

    I'm also solar powered.. I LOVE the sun...

    Like I said my beliefs have been "reviewed" since Oatie in particular...

    I hope I don't get in trouble here... (I grew up in a house with 3 religions and we celebrated each, and my husband a different one)
    I really like your answer. Whereas, I suppose, most people look to "God" for help, who believe, particularly in times of need, which you can see why as: how to live and conduct yourself examples, for example (it could be any religion's Holy Book) in the bible, of turning the other cheek. Has the "humanising aspect" /example, which would leave it the role of God blurry... hence the disappointment with the big man.

    I think you should coin this one Phil. I love it, "energy - love".

  2. I can feel your "energy love",Oatie.

    Now for the blog. Well this was a ride reminiscent of the big bang when the universe was formed. The source apparently tells Phil that we either miss the boat or are incapable of boarding because of our finite human wisdom. So we just don't get it. And there is this initial sense of detachment and abandonment because the big guy does not allow or disallow anything, so it is what it is. But at the end of paragfraph 2 comes the answer that I was waiting for, and it sounded familiarly comforting: "YOu are, however, a part of ME." I have heard this before, but I have often dismissed it as church talk. But the implications are huge. So Oatie, I bet your four religions have taken a stab at the big question too, and I would bet each offers a unique insight. Every year, my wife and I take a foliage trip and we get a glimpse of the monks at the Weston priory in Vermont. The property and those who inhabit it exude a profound sense of peace. And there is an energy there too. They spend their days soaking up the bright sun, blue skies and green grass of Vermont, always listening instead of talking and taking it all in. Life is a mystery, but I bet they get it, and they always have me coming back for more.

  3. Sending hugs to you both. Rruel, what a beautiful reply to a beautiful post. Xxx

  4. Dear Source,
    appreciate the clarification
    got a little worried about Phil in the last post...he needed to unleash all of it, and yet, I wondered...would a response come that restored balance?
    and so it did, and I thank you
    the reply was concise, direct, clear, loving and wise
    full of compassion...almost felt like being lifted up and out of an swamp of human mis-perception.
    it felt like a reconciling force
    may all who read it be transforned
    (becasue...ah,... energy IS neither created NOR destroyed...ONLY transformed!)

  5. There are no accidents in life. Contrary to popular belief this statement does not implicate 'the hand of God' as being necessarily present. Since energy has its form and thus nature it can act only according to its nature even when interacting with other forms of energy. A beam of light that reflects off of a surface is still a beam of light in its nature and can only react in that particular way. It can however be affected by the encounter. Since the repletion of myriad events swirling through eternity have a dynamic which expands beyond our small minds' comprehension we see what appear to be 'accidents' when they are actually the outcome of a mechanism of motion too complex for us to normally discern before it happens. The source is of course not a flux with morals like humans so the questions become moot and are for our entertainment only.

    All of this is nice, but suffering is real, an integral part of physically existing. If something can be created, it can decay and there are eight million ways for that to happen.
    Perhaps when we evolve into energy in purer forms there will be no suffering but there will, I fear, also be no consciousness.


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