Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Person In Charge...A Few Questions

Dear god or goddess or person-in charge,

       While I know that you are quite busy orchestrating many world and extraterrestrial happenings and spending time being serenaded by choirs of angels and cherubim, I have several pressing questions and concerns that I need to pass on.  I do not mean to be presumptuous because I am told that you know everything and can do anything.   I am sure you had a hand in having George W. Bush being "kind of elected" as President of the U.S. by the Supreme Court instead of by the popular vote as is custom.  Only you could have pulled that one off!

       So, anyway, I was awake at 3 a.m. thinking about these heavy questions.  I am sure that you were awake too because you never sleep and always listen to my secret thought (hopefully, there are some that don't make it onto your celestial radar).  So here are my questions:

        Knowing that you know and see all, why did you allow my son to nearly drown and be trapped underwater for 25 minutes when he was 12 years old.  I am sure you know that could kill someone or pretty well screw up their brain and body.  Did you not intervene to teach me something?  Did you want to prove to me that we are only given what we can handle? (Well, sir or madam, all I can handle at my age is a beer on the sun deck.)  Did you not save him because he needed to be punished? (Hadn't reached puberty yet, so punished for what?)  After all, you could have chosen a murderer or rapist?  Why pick on an innocent, beautiful child?  Perhaps you were busy with some event and this situation slipped pass you?  I'd like to know.

       Also a lot of people believe that miracles happen.  What do I have to do to have you work your magic?  An all powerful person who raised some guy in rags from the dead could certainly heal a brain injury.  I have always been interested in this miracle thing and I would like to share my observation with you.  People have been cured of cancer, tumors, inability to walk (all those crutches and canes hanging at shrines) by a miracle.  So, you do pay attention...I will not use the word placebo effect.  I have been searching for a miracle where some amputee who gave his soul for his country and for freedom re-grew an arm or leg or both.  These guys are certainly people of faith.  Or I have yet to see a miracle where someone lost an eye had one grow back by miraculous intervention.  After praying to your virgins to intercede for me, I'm still waiting and it's been over 12 years.  Sometime you try a good guy's patience!  And please address the lost limbs question; it's been really bugging me.

         Also, I'd like to know why bad stuff happens to good people?  I know that you can turn this trend around.  Why can't all kids be born healthy?  Why can't all people have what they need to live life?  Why can't there be  enough resources and help for all people?  Why don't serial murderers, rapists and socio-paths just get zapped by a thunderbolt?   You know, justice and equality for all.  I would like an answer as an unwilling participant in this creation.  I hope this mess was not simply ascribable to Eve, the snake and the apple? Remember it wasn't us guys (Adam and I) that took a bite of the damned apple.
     You know, because you can read my mind, that I think that life should not be so hard for us good guys.  You know that I believe that little children shouldn't be suffering and dying.  You know that I believe that good people should be rewarded (by the gift of 100 virgins) and that bad ones should simply be stoned.  It's pretty clear what I stand for.  Do you think we could trade places for a few days?  I think it would make a difference in both of our lives, or so I hope.

        Please respond as soon as possible; e-mail would be ok, in person would be better!  You know where I live.

Your friend,

Phil (Adam's dad)


  1. Well, you come at us from a different realm this week. But really, I have heard these questions before in my head and in the eyes, mouths and hearts of others. I will go to the pantry and open up a can of metaphysics,two cans of theologoy etc. The answers must be stored somewhere inside the cans on a dusty shelf. Seriously, my extended comment on this will be a live discussion with you when it gets warmer out. One of my questions to the big guy would be, why has it been so damned cold and miserable this winter? We won't have to deal with that question when we have this talk. Also, it is one of the easier questions to deal with.

  2. Hear-hear! Thank you for asking the "person in charge" as I too am baffled with him/her/it's 'work'.

    Maybe we're in a "The Truman's show" and we're all a joke? (But I am not laughing, finding it funny or amusing! and neither is Oatie.)

  3. I think we must only get one miracle each. You and I already have had our miracles. Despite the odds, our children are alive! I think Adam already had his too. Parents with the knowledge, funds, and ability to heal him. So many don't know about ABR or have the means to do it.

  4. Like you, I often wonder where God is in a world of suffering. The conventional explanations have never worked for me; in fact, they tend to royally piss me off, since they're all a variation on "God's in his heaven and all's right with the world."

    While I've experienced the power of God to give strength and comfort, I'm just not sure why his hands are tied behind his back so often.

  5. the never ending there realllllly a god?


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