Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Thursday, January 13, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM !!!!!!!! January 14, 2011

     Well, my son, today or tomorrow (depending on which part of the world you're in) you are 25 years old!!  Actually, it's 12 1/2 years  since that day that you were under water for 25 minutes.  So today is a celebration of your birth and your re-birth.  You were a hockey star and now you are a rehab star...always, always each moment of each day working at getting better, at healing and at enjoying life.  Your eyes sparkle, your smile melts the coldest of hearts and your spirit is indomitable.  You have never given up on anything nor will you ever concede to adversity in the future.  So this blog post celebrates your first quarter of a century and allows the world to see the gifts that we are giving you this year.  I hope you like, or at least tolerate these presents.

Those were the days!

Yup, he stopped the puck, as usual!
    Just to remind you, that we were all young once, a family of four circa 1989, a AAA goalie for the Springfield Jr, Indians in the mid nineties. Something changed, fate moved us all in a new direction.  You knew long ago that life altering events were evolving and we as a family would evolve to a higher plane of living, loving and understanding with you.  We all grow on a daily basis and learn about the intimate nature of reality, life and people.  This learning is not always a pleasant experience, but always enlightening.  So here are our gifts to you on this day.
ABR targeting the pelvic floor
   The remainder of this post contains adolescent humor of which I would not deprive my son.  If adolescence and it's innate perversity offends you, this might be a good place to stop reading.
    Gift one:  this is not what it appears, then nothing really is.  We have learned that ABR helps to strengthen your core, normalize your structure, move you from here to mobility and function.  Sorry, but you're stuck with this therapy for 4-5 hours a day.  By the way, we are working to normalize your pelvic floor, the exercise has nothing to do with scatological stuff, so just relax and enjoy.  This is only one of four or five daily prescriptions.  Most of the other exercise allow you to enjoy pretty blond chicks on TV.
ABR machines, bladders, wrapping and Ollie
       I know, if the day time manual ABR isn't annoying enough, we strap you with inflating bladders, foam, wraps and hook you up to two machines for 10 night hours to help with the process of eliminating that damned spasticity.  Actually, it also strengthens your lungs and digestive system.  So you have Ollie and your TV until you pass into restful slumber.  Remember we are doing these awful things to you because we love you, not to annoy you.
One cold laser point to release Moro Reflex
       As if the indignity of ABR isn't enough, we also give you the gift of 45 minutes of daily cold laser to integrate the primitive reflexes which all popped up to the surface during the accident.  The cold laser helps to extinguish and integrate those no longer useful reflexes which hinder healing.  Please note that the picture is intended to preserve your modesty and my aging.  It does relax you and  you can watch TV unless you turn to look at me with a scowl.
      I could also write pages on all the other indignities to which we subject you: sucky pureed meals, non-alcoholic drinks, yucky supplements and unmentionable procedures.  We do this to you because we love you...really!!!
       Now for the real gifts:  You love nothing more than movies with scantily dressed blonds. And yes, I know that only blonds need apply.  What upstanding handsome 25 year old wouldn't want one of these!  So here you are:
Your guess is as good as mine
      And finally, you laugh...all the time.  Some time you smile at people, some time you laugh at TV shows or your favorite movies, usually Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler.  Some times you laugh at your favorite movies like Home Alone or the Mighty Ducks.  But, Adam, I know there is one time that you howl with the heartiest of laughs...there is nothing which makes you laugh so irreverently as when you see very fat people squeezed into tight, polyester clothes.  This laughter is embarrassing to me, but I allow it because I know that you are my son, so alike me. Your mom wouldn't let me post the pictures I wanted to, so I showed them to you privately.  So here is my gift to you (against my better, but poor judgement): your all time hero...Jim Carrey!!
Adam's all-time hero: Jim Carrey

       Happy birthday, my hero!  While I apologize for all the indignity to which we subject is because we really love you!



    A day early like your Dad! You are so lucky to have a Dad (and Mom!)that loves you so much and understands and cares for you so well! I hope you get to do something fun tomorrow besides put up with indignities!

    Killer post Phil! Love the photos!!! Fabulous tribute!

  2. Happy Birthday Adam!!! Love Aunt Pam, Uncle Craig and cousin Jake...We'll call you tomorrow to wish you more, perhaps the B-day look like a ...and ya smell like one too...WE LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Happy 25th Birthday Handsome!

    Great post Phil! Adam is one very lucky young man and you are one very lucky family, filled with love! I am sure you have lots of fun planned...enjoy!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!! You rock! Have a fantastic day!

    Phil, don't they have any hot blond ABR therapists in Falmouth?

  5. Fantastic post and love the photos! You are such a wonderful family and I too think that the best present is unconditional love.

    Happy birthday Adam xxx

    P.S I hope you have "baywatch" in your DVD library x

  6. Phil, Thanks for sharing Adam's birthday and the wonderful photos with us. As for you Adam, I trust that you are having some party time today. Your dad was always a good party thrower (too dignified to be a party monster, but you could turn him into one) Your dad organized my 30 th birhtday (Your dad and I were only five years older than you then), and it was a memorable one for me. Happy 25th !!

  7. Happy Birthday, Adam! and, that it's any consolation, all these beautiful blonde also make many sacrifices, with exercises and diets, to be so beautiful ;)

  8. Happy Birthday buddy!!!
    Great salute and celebration Phil!!
    xoxoxo, Meb

  9. Thanks for all the good wishes for Adam's birthday on the blog, facebook and via phone. It's heartening that people acknowledge him in such kind ways. He did enjoy is ice ream sundae and movie "Green Hornet". I would have given the movie a "C". Back to ABR ... warmest regards to all!

  10. Happy Birthday Adam. Thanks for the picture of the way you do the pelvic floor. I've been struggling with trying to get comfortable while doing this excercise. I tried what you showed in the picture. I loved it!! Thanks again.

    Susan Sheaffer Noah's Mom


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