Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New ABR Exercises . . . Onward and Upward

              Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation (ABR) is our primary therapy used in Adam's rehabilitative journey.  It is supported by a host of other complimentary approaches as we we continue on this long journey.  The previous post focused on Adam's evaluation in Montreal which informs the exercises described here.
Intense, super soft ball mini-rolling on Adam's head
     Two full days of training, after a comprehensive evaluation,  provide us with the next six months of body work on Adam.  The theory which underlies ABR continues to unfold, it is never static.  The applications also unfold; there are new techniques and new targets to focus upon.
Application to Adam's ever expanding thighs
      The changes in application are significant as two new theoretical constructs are explained.  We will, of course, continue to support and reinforce Adam's hydraulic structure and numerous applications are targeted at the head because the head is the nexus of the hydraulic system which supports the myofascial layers...strengthening of the layers lead predictably toward mobility and eventually function.  Even in the tiniest embryo, you see a head and a rudimentary structure which develops...the remainder of the body develops from the head in the womb.
Leonid supervising Sharon's back of the head technique
       Two new constructs;  intense ball rolling and super-soft balls.  We learn a targeted ball rolling which is much more intense with a greater manual force exerted .  It goes deeper, it allows a penetration of the stress shielding layers of the body and above all it accelerates the rates of myofacial strengthening and change.  Change actually accelerates.  Super soft balls are actually the same structures which are further deflated and allow for greater coverage of the target areas.  This technique is especially applicable to the head.
Leonid demonstrating the positioning of head applications with the super soft ball
      Again, the applications provide for compression without distortion...intense compression of ball with mini rolls and a solid transfer medium...the energy of the process is transferred while bypassing the stress shielding factors of the outer body.  Strengthening the core ...structural change, mobility and function...a predictable course of change.
       And of course, ABR would not be complete with the more traditional 3-Q technique (quasi-static, quasi-spherical, quasi-isotropic).  We have three new 3-Q applications which target specific areas of the head.  These are targeted applications which are very specific to areas which need to extracted.  We are working on areas below the occiput and on both platforms behind the ears.  Intense ball applications focus on the head (both top and back); three areas along the vertebral column, the sacrum, fifth - eighth vertebrae on the thorax, shoulder apexes,and  both thighs.  We usually work on Adam several hours a day; Maribeth usually does 5 hours of applications every week.  Changes are definitively happening and at an increasing pace and in a very positive direction.
Maribeth employing the 3-Q technique on the lower lateral neck platform
     Oh, yes...Adam also has two ABR machines with 8 bladders inflating throughout the night..sacrum, abdomen, hips, thorax and mid vertebral column...also a set of high quality ear plugs.  He sleeps like a baby.
     Before you feel bad for Adam because of all the ABR, please remember that we usually give him one a week off from all therapies.  Really nice of us, no?

      For my adventurous readers, Leonid will be presenting and doing a live assessment at the Pacific Rim International Conference on Disabilities on April 18 in Hawaii ... still time to sign up...LINK to brochure.   It would make for a nice vacation on short notice!


  1. anybody coming to Hawaii for the conference???
    Phil, your turn!1
    :) baout a return???

  2. Ms. T: I just spent three full days with Leonid a few weeks know that I have a hard enough time leaving the Cape never mind getting into one of those new flying machines ...maybe when they work out the kinks.

  3. Blog topic idea: Rational discussion about irrational (well not totally so) fears e.g. phobias at 50,000 feet. Phil, once get by the TSA screeners at the airport, it's a piece of cake. Once in the plane, hit the bar and fly at your own altitude.

  4. All the new exercises look so exciting. We go in one month's time.

    Richard, good idea, I like your blog topic suggestion. Having worked for one of those flying bird shaped contraptions. The first few minutes and the last few minutes is the greatest time for something to go "wrong". I think the biggest ordeal is the security check, I'm happy that they want us to be "safe" but it's how it was in the 70's and with the shoe removal, coat removal, belt, etc... then body check, the time you've gone through security, you've felt like you've done the "full monty".

    Or.... you can borrow Oatie who refuses anyone to remove his shoes (he feels like you're trying to take his 'walking' away) and he screamed at security so loud and high pitched in LAX that they sent 4 marshals to just let us go through, they all had their hands on their ears.... lol! The best bit was we went to the furthest part of the terminal and sat near a woman, who was oblivious to the screaming, I apologised and she said she didn't notice as she has 4 herself! lol!

  5. Richard: My fears of flying are goes down every several years. If I stay home, nothing will happen to me. We won't talk about my myriad of other phobias and anxieties, ie. doctors, neurologists, orthopedists, priests, religion, medicines, idiots, etc.

    Mel: What a great offer...I may take you up on borrowing Oatie sometime...but I will return him home to you filled with sugar, an expresso and new pet puppy or lizard. This is the best offer that I have had in years.

  6. Phil, I'm with you. I haven't flown in years, and I've even tried a fear-of-flying course, with no success.

    I'm a child of the earth -- as in, I like to have the ground close enough to jump to without injury. If God had wanted me to fly, he/she would have made me a more relaxed human being. Besides, it's absolute hell being on an airplane and having to stare at the wing for hours, just to keep it on the plane. Exhausting.


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