Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Saturday, June 18, 2011

To The Man of the Day...

 Well, the man couldn’t really be expected to write his own Father’s Day blog so I surreptitiously took it over for the day.  Phil has been a bit stuck on the whole concept of “indifference” lately and I certainly understand and do not want to be included with those who don’t bother to take notice of others – sad, sad statement about our culture.  So, today I want to express my deep appreciation for Philip, the father of the day.   I can’t count on our young man, dearest Adam, to help by channeling adulation and humor about his father because he is too tuckered out.  Big, big day yesterday – Adam went to a Red Sox game for the first time in thirteen years.  He had only been once before when he was twelve years old and declared it to be “the best night of his life.”  On that night he traveled with his baseball team and coaches sans parents.  He woke us up when he returned that evening, so excited to show us his trinkets – the Red Sox keychain and the signed baseball card.  He loved things like that.  Well, this trip was different and I just know that Phil will write an absolutely compelling and truthful blog about our recent experience at Fenway Park.  Phil brought a camera so stay tuned.
     Now the topic of the day is about honoring the father in the family.  To be perfectly honest, Philip deserves it many times over.  Adam, Aimee and I all understand his strengths and we know that life would be very different had he not stepped up to the plate (like the baseball analogy?) and shouldered this life challenge with such amazing competence.  A quick disclaimer – I am not saying nice things about Philip because he just wrote two loving (and funny) blogs for Mother’s Day and my birthday.  He honestly works hard every day.  He does hours of therapy with Adam and cooks wonderful soups.  He’s quite domesticated.    For fun he has been painting the exterior of the house (looks  lovely – I picked out the color) and grows vegetables on our deck which overlooks a pond filled with wildlife.  Just an aside – he loves to grow lettuce and I can’t figure out why the rabbits aren’t chewing away at it.  I think that Phil might have put a spell on them.  He tends to all of the plants and flowers, inside and out.  Every time I turn around another hanging plant or flower arrangement has appeared.  Maybe he conjures those up too.  Anyway he has lovingly created a beautiful home for us where we nest and take care of our handsome son.  Oh, and he  bakes bread!  We have been together for over 30 years and I don’t believe that I have prepared one meal.  I call it our “division of labor”. Our chores are evenly divided, trust me. Don’t want to give you the impression that I am a lady of leisure.  I won’t let him near the washing machine – he just doesn’t understand sorting clothes .  And, most importantly, he makes our life work financially by juggling, advocating, and, yes, sometimes bullying to help us get what we need.  He does not take “no” for an answer.
     Phil declared himself my business manager when I published my book  - CERAMIC TO CLAY – no , it’s not about arts and crafts.  The book which Phil painstakingly  listened to as I was writing it, chapter by chapter, with a nod and a “go for it” is,  OUR STORY – how we move through this big life challenge we were given and accepted.
He's not really this bad!!
     It’s hard to figure out what to buy this man who seems to have everything he needs and wants.  He loves Amazon and uses it frequently.  I try to replenish his wardrobe (he doesn’t care one bit about clothes) and they look nice for a bit but he always, and I mean always, manages to get paint, oil, floor polish and food stains on everything.  He also wears slippers everywhere. . .
     We really are true partners in this life we have created.  We adore both of our children, each so different in their needs and wants.  I could not have chosen a better father for my kids. He’s loyal, compassionate, a little quirky and, at times, very funny.    Happy Father’s Day, Philip!!!   Have a beer, water your flowers and plants, open your presents and know that you are loved and appreciated.


  1. Here is to Phil the Wonder Dad! Happy Father's Day!

  2. Happy Father's Day to the best father out there. If it wasn't for you... I just have no idea what my life would be like. I am truly greatful for everything you do despite me being the definition of a pain in your ass :) I hope you enjoy this sunny day on your deck. Put on those new clothes mom bought you, open a new book, and relax! I love you pappi,


  3. Happy Father's Day to Phil -- truly one of the greatest fathers to grace the planet --

  4. heard thru the coconut wireless that my comment never got posted
    planetary crackle I swear....(can't you hear the cyber-whistles????)
    here is what I said:Phil, you are a warrior-father
    who truly protects and defends his family
    for that I am grateful
    and wish we could clone you
    (maybe House could help!)

  5. Thanks Terri....we're working on the clone part as we speak so I could give myself a break from myself!


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