Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Ceramic to Clay": Sharon's Interview on Falmouth TV

         Ceramic to Clay by Sharon Dzialo was published in October, 2010 and shares the story of the first twelve years of Adam's amazing healing process after a near drowning when he was under water for 25 minutes during a day at summer camp.  This eight minute video and commentary was produced by Falmouth TV and aired in February 2011.  It contains many insights and "behind the scenes" stories which are a part of our life journey.  It's a very powerful production (but them I'm  a bit biased).  Please take a few minutes to watch it.


  1. Sharon is such a beautiful, well-spoken woman. I have read her book and can vouch for its power -- and I think I've said before that I wish we all lived closer to one another!

    Thank you for sharing the video -- I hope as many people as possible will see it.

  2. I came, I saw, I wished there was more.
    Very nice to see how Sharon must be such a calming influence to your, err, volcanic integrity Phil. There definitely should be a reality show on the horizon...(wow, what a brilliant idea!)

  3. Great job by you Sharon. That was a terrific synthesis of the talking points in the interview.
    N.B. I KNOW Eric is joking given the tenor of "reality" shows as we know them. The only thing those shows do is trivialize real life, and cheapen people's ideas of what truly heroic people experience and feel.
    Good job transferring this Phil!!!

  4. Sharon did an excellent job of explaining the essence of her book. I hope it helped with sales. It is a story others need to hear!

  5. Dear Sharon,
    You were so composed and clear...not an easy thing in an interview. Congratulations...may this spark light a tinder of enormous healing proportions for the community of those seeking a deeper healing.
    much love,

  6. Very comfortable in your own skin (poised) and good command of your message. The High School English teacher that I knew 35 years ago has become a multimedia giant. With the prevailing wind of your loving family at your back, you will continue to share the message and spread the faith. Phil prophesied last January that 2011 will be the year, and I he may nailed it. Special warm regards to our sparkling eyed hero, Adam.

  7. Elizabeth: Thanks for the very kind comment...wish that distance was not a factor also

    Eric: If we do a reality or unreality show, I cut you in for half the profits. Could start with a volcano spitting fire and lava (me), then flowing to calm, serene lake (Sharon). Not always the case, but interesting...

    Meb: Thanks to our number one ABR hero/therapist...this technology is a very slow learning process for me

    Sue: Thanks again for the kind words...I hope that you are feeling better soon with your back.

    Terri: Sharon and I appreciate your effervescent praise...I actually tutored her in what to say (lol) :)

    Richard: I am continually amazed at you memory of things past, my neurons no longer fire at that rapid rate. Again, so are so right about 2011...our astrologer said it would be the year of communication for all three of us....each in a unique way. Warm regards as your teaching semesters begin again...glad to be out of the business.

  8. Wonderfully articulate Sharon! Such calm composure - very impressive! Thanks Phil!

  9. Thanks Marcy, she maybe calm...but we and you are in the middle of a hurricane as we write....hope that all is safe up rain here just wind+++


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