Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Toilet Seats: Cleaning Out Your Bank Account

       We just returned from ABR Montreal yesterday afternoon.  After 8 hours in the van with a kid who couldn't or wouldn't (non-verbal kids do get ornery) get comfortable in a wheelchair and was then slipping down on a cot that I secured in the van, I'm not ready yet to describe the ABR experience.  I'm sure the movies we got him to watch in the van lacked enough blond-female skin to make him pissy; "Bridesmaids" didn't quite pass muster.  So I thought I would post about toilets seats and fleecing handicapped kids' parents.  Here's why we are always broke.

        Adam uses a commode with a soft seat (because he has a bony ass) and a splash guard.  Only parents of handicapped kids know about splash guards, so don't ask.  So here is how we get fleeced by manufacturers of "medical " equipment and I use the word loosely.  I'll let the reader put the pieces together.

COMMODE:  (steel, portable, solid stable)  $40.00  US dollars

SOFT SEAT REDUCER RING WITH SLASH GUARD ( a bit of of soft rubber)

                  $320.00 - $220.00 (same item two sellers) US dollars
Just the blue ring, folks, nothing else
Adam's ring is a flashier blue!
BTW, the protrusion upward is the "splash guard"


       Let's see $320.00 US or 338.00 euros or 333.00$ Canadian loonies or 205 British pounds  or 1191.00 new shekels or 329 Australian dollars, etc.  We all know who's really getting wiped and it's not the kids!

CONCLUSION: A new toilet seat for the kid means MickeyD's for mom and dad!  Ah, the injustice which pervades the universe....


  1. While I definitely am upset at the incredible prices charged here for equipment, what is more amazing is that the same thing costs here about 1/3 of what it does in the states. Wheelchair for Segev is a good example. A g-tube button by kimberly clark, made in the US costs 50% less here than buying it in the states!
    It's a viscious circle: the companies charge a fortune because they know it's going through insurance companies. Insurance companies give less opportunities because it's so damn expensive.
    Looks like you could make do nicely though with that "super soft seat"; just attach a "scoop ball" scoop to the front as splash guard.
    Glad to hear that you are back home, it must have been exhausting even though the change of scenery is always good.

  2. Thanks Eric...I am amazed to learn that medical items are 1/3 the cost in Israel. I always thought that the U.S. was the "land of opportunity." I guess not. Also, the super toilet seat isn't covered by the medical supply company people live in mansions and drive big cars.
    It is good to be back in one piece (kind of). BTW way Montreal was hotter than hell for a couple of days. Warm wishes to you and Segev!

  3. What's the answer? I think, too, of the outrageous prices of augmentative communication equipment -- and how one can buy an iPad, now, for 1/10th of the price of some of the old voice-output devices.


  4. Elizabeth, I wish there was an answer. There just seem to be too many people and companies making money from the disabled persons' needs, money which could be better used for direct services to kids and adults and not to line the pockets of the "money-changers" in the temples of medical supply companies.

  5. It's a total pisser, ain't it? I hear you.

  6. Yep am hearing you too. Ryley's toilet chair which is basically just a small version of the one you posted above cost us $450 5 years ago. Seriously it looks like it is just paper mache. He has grown out of it of course and we never have had much success with toileting. But his little brother did at least make good use of it.
    Our health system here in Aus is a lot different to yours. I am not sure which one is better though.
    Glad you are back home safe and sound.

  7. Wheelchair tires at bike shop are $45. Identical tires from surgical supply house, $170.

  8. It really does take the piss, doesn't it! (I agree with Clare!).

    I've had a recent banter with Oatie's preschool, they bought (from his funding grant) a toilet seat, they the school chose it I was like, YOU chose the seat...

    It's about a month till we got to YUL (Montreal) and I really feel like driving, I HATE airplane toilets for the physically less able!

    What I really don't like is what if your needs like (toilet seats) aren't covered by medical insurance (Like the more comfortable seat for EG for Adam).

    Really unfair!

    Glad you made it home, xxx

  9. I'm with ya, Phil. Daniel still sleeps in a crib because we can't afford a Sleep Safe bed for him. He'll be 13 in a few months, and thankfully he's small for his age. We're still waiting, 8 months later, for an approval or denial from the waiver on the bed.

    Your post reminded me that he's outgrown the "potty chair" that my mom and dad bought him a few years ago. We could definitely use a splash guard at our house!!

  10. Phil,
    Glad you made it back safely! I agree with your feelings on the costs of medical supplies. My "designer" brace was almost as expensive has Adam's toilet and it is only two pieces of metal, some screws, 3 pieces of padding, and velcro.

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