Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Day in the Life of an ABR Kid

       ABR (Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation)  is an intensively parent involved therapy that is guided by scientifically based biomechanical principles which attend to the structural collapse caused by brain injury (CP, stroke, near-drowning and many other brain assaults).  The techniques bring about predictable musculo-skeletal changes by strengthening the myofascia of the body.  Complex science is applied through simple principles and applications.  The theory is expounded upon by the developer Leonid Blyum on his blog. Research validation is underway.  The approach is very parent intensive and this post details the various hours of applications required to produce change.  Parent training and evaluations occur four times a year initially, then are reduced to twice a year.  Time and effort are crucial factors to reverse the myofascial collapse of a brain assault.  Here's Adam's typical ABR day:

6:00 AM to 7:00 AM (hopefully while he sleeps)

Soft egg rolling on foam along the lumbar vertebrae
Soft egg rolling along the sides of the upper sacrum with Adam on his side

9:00 AM TO 10:00 AM

Soft ball micro rolling on lateral neck up to but not over the SCM
Super soft mini ball rolling on cranial apex with foam platform
Soft egg rolling along clavicle
Soft egg rolling along the pectoral muscle

10:30AM TO 11:30 AM
Soft ball rolling along the upper vertebral column

Soft egg rolling along collapsed area on sides of  lumbar vertebral column
Soft egg rolling along fascial collapse on sides of lumbar spine areas
Soft ball rolling along lower lumbar and upper pelvic floor
3:00 PM TO 4:00 PM (While watching Dr. Phil)

Placement of soft egg on arms for short rolls to reduce spasticity and increase fascial strength
Rolling the soft egg on the arms...both arms per session

8:00 PM TO 5:00 AM
My invention:  three inch memory foam topper with cut-out for
pelvic and upper posterior thorax bladders
Adam strapped up for the night: bladders, platforms and foam on
posterior thorasic and pelvic areas on back and similar set ups on chest, stomach and hips
from the front.  Happy as can  But he sleeps well.
ABR Machines (we use two) which rhythmically inflate and deflate bladders to
strengthen certain myofascia areas where we place the air bladders.
Ollie, provides professional supervision.

In between ABR treatments, Adam also gets fed, watches tv, and does other stuff, every day.

CONCLUSION:  It works! No doubts on our part, none at all! No surgeries, no braces. no spinal fusions or rods,

no AFO's, no medicines of any kind, no baclofen pumps, no botox, just ABR. The best part, no

PT's or orthopedists. Just a kid who smiles every day!


  1. What a full day... we do whatever works for our kids. You are a true insperation.

  2. Astounding. You do it. And he smiles.

  3. Your dedication is remarkable, Phil. Pioneering efforts which should be compulsory learning in schools: classes on how to approach the care of loved ones who have been struck a blow. Instead we continue to glorify combat and the uber strong, healthy.
    When I was in a 'regular' school in Canada I was taught (from age 12) cooking, sewing, sports, sciences,how to use a lathe, woodworking, welding. Unbelievable experience that has stayed with me until today. But of course none of that can prepare us for taking care of one another. That is still, 34 years later, not a skill worthy of learning.

    The connection you both can make with your son is magnificent.

  4. Sue: Yes, a full day as I am sure yours is with Noah,,but satisfying.

    Elizabeth: Probably smiled for the first time two years post accident; it was triggered by seeing a fight between two hockey players on tv...since then never a morn or evening with a smile. Strange and wonderful what triggers that smile.

    Eric: I am dedicated as you are with Segev. We have three sets of hands, Sharon, I and Maribeth who is a shiatsu therapist by training and has been to Canada with us for training for years and works with Adam also. She can balance the energies that we cannot. BTW, the older. gnarly hands are mine....and, yes, I wish that this sense of connectedness to others could be central in education. We are to obsessed with measuring math and language arts and leave little for the human. The lacl of humane education is a shortcoming of our society.

  5. Being able to avoid surgeries, pumps, meds...that's really a miracle and worth every minute of your work. Amazing!

  6. We have committed to continuing and work with a very good supportive MD...main goal: stay away from orthopedists.


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