Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Friday, January 13, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM.....January 14, 2012 (#26)

Adam Dzialo (age 26)

  When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.

William Shakespeare or a Jewish proverb (source is debatable)

My son, Adam, is my sun! The sun is an emblem of glory and brilliance. It is also a symbol of authority. It represents happiness, life and spirituality. The rising sun is a symbol of hope. The sun, when not rising, is always blazoned the “sun in splendour.” The rays are alternately straight and wavy, which symbolize the heat and light that we derive from them, and the heraldic sun usually has a human face though this is not strictly necessary. Rays of the sun, also called beams, are sometimes borne singly as in the ancient rolls, but more often they issue from other charges when described by one of the terms as radiant, rayonné or rayonnant. One ray of the sun signifies “by the light of heaven."  Swyrich Corporation, 2012

Long Life.......

       January 14, Adam will be 26 years old, having survived 13 and a half years post a 25 minute underwater near-drowning.  Adam is certainly severely disabled, non-ambulatory, non-verbal and needs 24 hour a day care.  He can do nothing for himself.  What he is, however, a TEACHER.  Teachers do not need words, they do not need written tomes filled with trivial drivel, they do not need a captive audience.  Teachers simply emanate life and its true value and purpose . . . pure, unadulterated being.

       Life pursues itself; life is its own mission; life does not need to be valued by others to be affirmed.  Life is ....  Adam has taught us that others can never learn unless a heart is fully open.  An open heart is a singular rarity in a world of narcissistic obsession.  Adam has taught us that what is valued is simple, is unadorned and often unappreciated.  It is life aware of itself and an awareness that there are  few significant others who unconditionally love and unconditionally care.  Unconditional love sustains life; it provides a cellular immunity against the forces of indifference which plague our society.

Adam...the only human who wakes every single morning
with a bright smile...there are no exceptions.   This
is a life lesson on how to greet life itself!
        Adam has taught us to allow into our lives only positive energy and to dismiss that which drains from us life force.  Stripped of its adornments and desires, its ambitions and pretensions, life simply is NOW....this moment and this moment is beautiful.  This moment has no past and it has no is NOW.  We have learned easy and hard ways to let go of family and friends who embodied the energy which saps life from self.  We have learned to tell the truth, without regard to consequence.  We have learned that pure love is that love which neither expects nor requires anything in return.  We have learned that our soul group will be together in the energetic world forever.  Would any of this knowledge be available without Adam?  Not in one's wildest dreams.   We have learned, he has taught.

       Our only wish for Adam is a long life.  He has much more to teach and we have more to learn.  Others can learn also, but they need to be present and to have an open heart.  I would hope people stop running from learning because there will be a day when it will be too late.

        We journey together, a small unit.  The unit could not be more tight nor more secure.  There are no regrets; there is often a soul weariness and a soul enlightenment.  We have been together in past lives, in many differing roles, but this soul group endures.  That is all that counts!



  1. Happy birthday, Adam!!!! You are a truely the best teacher. May you live a long life beacuse you defintley have more teaching to do. I hope we can meet again someday. Continue to smile that big smile that lights up a room.

  2. Well said Father. You teach as well when you speak with your son's knowledge.
    Happy Natal Day to my man tomorrow, you'll have to show him his card on the laptop, it will be very engaging that way!
    Love to you all. MB

  3. Happy Birthday Adam!! As always, beautifully written from a Dad who is proud of his son and loves him unconditionally. Adam's smile is truly amazing. I love it.

  4. Happy Birthday Adam! Yes, unconditional love is powerful and Adam is definitelly a teacher!

  5. Happy birthday, Adam! And here's to many more!

  6. Happy Birthday Adam!!! Your smile is the sunshine!!! Hoping the coconut milk sundae is the best!!! We love you. xox Aunt Pam, Uncle Craig and Cousin Jake

  7. I have one word: SPECTACULAR! And may there be many more spectacular birthdays for your beautiful son.

  8. Happy birthday, Adam!

    "There are no regrets; there is often a soul weariness and a soul enlightenment." Beautifully said, Phil. I will be thinking of you all today as you celebrate!!

  9. Happy Birthday Adam!! Beautiful blog daddy... I love you both so much. Hope my suprise comes soon and you all love them! Call you in a bit. xoxo

  10. Phil I totally agree with you. Adam is a teacher in many profound ways as I have experienced.
    Please tell him that I wish him many many years of unlimited joy, magnificent moments of his teasing and laughing and being a brat in the ways only he can do it. I wish him more times of wandering in the realms that we can only imagine, and sometimes get to.
    I wish you three the most blessed life together that you can imagine and then some.
    Happy birthday Adam I am so happy to have met you.

  11. Thanks all for the kind regards and comments on Adam's birthday....26 but still acts like he's 12; balloons, flowers, and movies that only a teen could appreciate. It was a great day, as everyday is! Would have had ice cream cake, but dairy quickly produces mucous which clogs the throat which brings about raspy breathing which I can't stand about coconut yogurt?

  12. Dear Adam,

    Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a brilliant day. Oatie sends his Mate a huge hug!

    Phil, you probably have one but the domestic ice cream maker works brilliantly with coconut milk.

    Hope Adam got his Beer too xxx



    1. Thanks, Mel...gave the mate many hugs...actually they sell coconut milk ice cream near by....the beer? it's in the works. My daughter, Aimee, got me a beer making kit for it almost ready and he WILL share! Best to all in cold, cold Canada.


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