Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Friday, December 7, 2012

ABR redux....

     We are approaching ten years of ABR (Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation) in our daily effort to allow Adam the maximal amount of comfort in a body riddled with spasticity and contracture.  We make progress:  the scoliosis resolves, the space between vertebrae increases, the rib cage becomes even, the pelvic floor shifts to a normalized position.  Adam can again sit comfortably in a wheelchair.  These strides have developed slowly without a need to resort to any allopathic interventions.
      People often wonder if the theory of fascial collapse, the need to strengthen the core and the methodical process to move from spasticity to weakness to normalization is real.  Underneath spasticity is weakness and the journey is filled with what I consider "healing crisises." Things never simply just get better, nor is healing a purely linear process, without crisises along the way.  Change produces challenges that you work spasticity gives way to weakness, challenges develop until strength of the core and the supportive fascia returns.  Crisis occurs in many and unique ways.
      Below is a new five minute video from the Denmark ABR Center which traces the real effects of ABR on hip subluxation.  This subluxation is often a function of pelvic and core weakness.  It's a common condition in CP and other syndromes characterized by a manifestation of low or high tone, spasticity or floppiness.  This video traces the effect of ABR through x-rays over years.  Surgery, muscle releases, casting, etc can and are avoided.  Surgery is an intervention which often needs repeat and ultimately weakens the fascia.  Seeing is believing.

       ABR is a slow, intentional methodical parent directed process which can normalize hip subluxation.  The alternative in more severe cases is surgery and casting....
Pins and rods

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  1. I hope the therapy continues to evolve and the experiences well documented so that others can reap the benefits from pioneers such as yourselves.


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