Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Final Days...That It Will Be So For All !!

       Death faces us all; some with an ability to verbally express what life has meant.  Others have an inability to express what life has meant, but, nonetheless, the experience of life is there.  The inability may be a function of severe disability, the suddenness of onset of death, accident or other life circumstance.
       I would hope that we all are able to face death with the grace and dignity of Zach Sobiech.  Those medically fragile, compromised children and adults who have been cared for with diligence, full attention and unconditional love express without words the message of "My Last Days".  I hope that have the experience that their spirits emanate this joy for their existence and for those who are important in their lives.

       The value of life is not measured in years;  it is not measured through accomplishment; it is not measured by philosophical rants.  The value of life is that someone cared very much, even if  that 'care'  may be from a single person.
        We will all have our final days and it bodes well that we have loved and are loved, no matter how small our universe may be.  To parents who have lost a child, the words of Zach ring was meaningful.  To those living under the threat of serious illness and medical complexity, Zach's words are a testament to the care of parents and caregivers.  To the rest of us, we should never want for inspiration, we should not ever overlook inspiration...inspiration is good.
        Able to express or unable, the testament to caring is there!  Know that every act of kindness adds to meaning of a short or a long life.  Indifference diminishes that meaning!  Inspiration takes many forms and it is good!

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  1. Zach Sobiech was an amazing young man and I think the legacy he's left behind will hopefully reach out to kids of today who "have it all..." and teach them the true meaning of life... and not to take everyone and things for granted...

    He was also a beautiful musician too. I love "clouds".


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