Adam Dzialo

Adam Dzialo
Our son, Adam Dzialo, age 30

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I AM BACK........

     Well, my hiatus from the blogging world in disability land is over!  Many events have occurred over the past six months which re-energized me to continue Adam's story and my commentary about disability issues. I have grown weary of reading about a condemnation of parents of severely disabled kids who seek a "cure."  I am tired of self-styled advocates who maintain that search for cure translates into "I wish my child didn't exist."  I am tired of advocates who equate the amelioration of our childrens' suffering with a failure of acceptance of their condition.  I am tired of groups who rail against "good death" choice for the terminally ill and freedom of choice because they live in perpetual pathological fear that society is out to kill them.  I am sickened by the constant reference and rhetoric about "inspiration porn"; a juxtaposition of  words which are vile expressions unto themselves. I am tired at the times when  disability advocates rail against choices of other disabled people and criticize in an inflammatory manner how they choose to live their lives.
      I am irate at college authors who write books lately about Adam and fail to ever contact us, during and post-publication.  I am tired of college authors of texts about Adam's case who refuse dialogue about why they never contacted us until we only discovered the text on "google."  They negligently inflict emotional distress and could care naught because they seek notoriety and profiteering ....a story which must be told in detail.
      I have grown weary of victims who have become victimizers; advocates fighting discrimination against disability who become discriminators themselves.  I am weary of people who continue to focus on normal, when normal does not exist.  I am weary of those who rob others of hope and attempt to impose their world view on others...they believe they have the one true church where all people with disability must worship.
      It is time for a challenge to conventional thought, a time to review a world view which fails to evolve.  I am back!


  1. Much to my relief, he is back. The pressure valve has been released. He needs to speak his truth!

  2. I closed my eyes for a moment, did he go?
    There was indeed a pause, a quiet acquiesence in the center ring show.

    But I hear trumpets, I hear song.
    I hear ideas where hearts beat, amongst the throng.

    I see intent, I see Will,
    so I ask, 'what's next for our Phil?'

  3. I can't compete with your poetry, but the band will be blaring...what's next? Ah, it's the anticipation of surprise...something we are both used to!

  4. I am so glad that you're back! We need you! :)


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